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We try to make ordering easy. Here's a complex way to explain our order policies (terms & conditions).

CutOutArt.com is a website located at http://www.CutOutArt.com, owned and provided to you by Westamerica Communications. CutOutArt.com allows users to take their own photos and art to our website and pick out the material they would like it to be printed on. We take their uploads and print it on the material specified. The website and images of the website gallery are open to the public.

CutOutArt.com Usage Terms

  1. You may not use CutOutArt.com unless you agree to the terms. Usage of the CutOutArt.com website constitutes agreement of these terms. These terms include agreement that you will not:
  1. Post, upload, comment, or display in any way on CutOutArt.com, any content, text, picture, or graphic that may be considered vulgar, offensive, pornographic, or illegal in anyway.
  2. Attempt to harm the functioning of the website by posting harmful code, accessing illegal areas, or passing viruses of any kind.
  3. Advertise, spam, or post misleading information.
  4. Illegally use the intellectual property of a third-party without consent.
  5. Attempt to impersonate a third-party.
  6. Perform any action on CutOutArt.com that could be considered a criminal offense.
  1. B) By using CutOutArt.com you:
  1. Agree to the CutOutArt.com Privacy Policy.
  2. Agree to the CutOutArt.com Intellectual Privacy Policy.
  3. Warrant that you are the legal owner of the content you use on CutOutArt.com
  4. Agree to respect the Intellectual property of others.
  5. Agree to not hold CutOutArt.com responsible for any actions that may take place on CutOutArt.com or resulting from products purchased on CutOutArt.com
  6. Agree to pay any legal fees for any legal actions arising from your use of CutOutArt.com
  7. Agree that you will be held responsible for any illegal action you take on CutOutArt.com
  1. C) CutOutArt.com is not responsible for content displayed on a website that may be accessed through links on CutOutArt.com
  1. D) Any picture, artwork, design, wording, or comment can be deleted at any time for any reason by CutOutArt.com, without notice.
  1. E) CutOutArt.com cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise due to the malfunction of the website.
  1. F) Your user account and usage of the website can be terminated at anytime by CutOutArt.com for any reason.