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Snap Your Photo and Print it on Wood

Wood art print is different from other techniques such as photo mounting or dye sublimation.  Printing on wood does not print the picture on paper first and then glue or heat transfer the photo to the wood surface area. The photo is printed straight onto the wood surface area, providing a more potent, livelier outcome.

Wood art print with an Organic Wood Canvas:

It is all about the grain. Among the best features of wood are the natural lines from the grain that show through in the colors of the picture or photograph. No white ink is used in the printing procedure; therefore any white color is replaced with the natural color of the wood.

Plywood is a fresh canvas for printing as every print is exclusive. Just like a fingerprint, no two sheets of plywood have a similar grain signature.  Each and every print – whether or not the same image is utilized – turns into a unique artwork. The natural color of plywood also creates an excellent frame. We provide our wood picture prints two ways – edge- to-edge without any margin, or centered along with margin.

Whatever you can imagine, we can print straight onto a canvas of environmentally friendly wood, developing a long lasting, stunning image that you will be proud to display. Whether it is one-of- a-kind artwork, valuable pictures of favorite memories, or perhaps unique point-of- purchase marketing displays, the options are limitless.

Through the years we have worked with amazing designers along with amateur photographers to create the most impressive art ever imprinted on wood.

Printing Custom And Fine Artwork On Wood:

Printing artwork on wood provides new choices for transforming and improving the original piece.  Wood printing allows techniques which are impossible on plain canvas. Utilizing three finish options, we could help make your works of art even much better. Our Vintage Matte and Natural Gloss choices add depth as well as character to the print.   These methods emphasize the natural attractiveness of the wood canvas. In regions of lighter color, the wood grain shows through the ink, permitting distinctive imperfections of the grain and a random knot in the wood to appear.  This adds a subtle classic feel. Prints with darker colors undertake a more dramatic tone due to the heavy contrast between the artwork and the organic wood canvas. If you are looking for less of the natural wood look, the Bright White finish does not permit the wood grain to show using your print, allowing the most true-to- color, photograph-quality print. This can be an ideal choice for people who love the elegance and sturdiness of wood combined with vibrant colors from the original image.


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