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How to hang pictures properly and not end up with crooked wall art

How to properly hang pictures

So I was reading through some articles and stories on “How to hang art” and “tips and tricks for decorating with art.” WOW there are a lot of opinions on what the best way to hang pictures. Of course I found some tips very helpful to make sure that my wall does not look like I threw up every picture I could get printed. I would definitely recommend looking up some of these tips and tricks (we will cover a few here) so that your house could be some what like the amazingness in the magazines and online. Because we all know that is what we strive for when we decorate, not just plain whatever, we are looking for that designer, classic, beautiful, photoshopped look.

So here are a few tips that I found to be pretty helpful off the website, (with some of my own opinion mixed in of course):

  1. Choose a color story: (bright and airy or dark and moody, those sorts of things) and purchase art pieces within those color palettes.
  2. Combine a mixture of sizes: We are not in the olden days anymore when every picture is the same size lined up on the wall. Mix it up a bit have some fun, there are so many websites out there that make more then just 5” x 5” squares for your pictures. Get a few big pictures and some small. Along with get some rectangles, circles, and octagons if you really feel adventurous!
  3. How high do I put art above furniture: Well first off, this depends if you like your family and friends or not. If you DO NOT like them, ignore this tip.HAHA! But if you DO like them, hanging art about 8 inches above the furniture is a safe place so that no one hits their head and possibly knocks it off the wall. Cause for it to land on their head and causing many more issues that we do not need to get into here.
  4. Start off center with your gallery wall: The best way to start with gallery walls is take one of your bigger pieces and hang it up off center and build out from there with 3 inches between all the pieces. When it is all done the first piece will no longer look off center. When you get caught up in making sure that the first piece has to be perfect, you will never get to the rest of the wall. Another thing to remember is mix up the art and graphics/ photographs. Also, mix up the colors and separate them. Be creative and have fun! That is when the wall will look amazing!
  5. Lastly, different materials: Do not be afraid to get your pictures and graphics printed on all sorts of materials and get some framed. This allows for you walls to have depth and uniqueness. Trust me it will look amazing!

Stayed tuned for our next post, more about fun things with art and the love of all things artsy!

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